Free GPS tracker without installing on target phone

A free GPS tracker that you need not install on the target phone

At present, neglect all the concerns which had caused the problem to you so long. If you have any complication with your love or you want to ensure the safety of your little ones, then we have the best alternative for you. Get the top snooping tool or software application downloaded on your device. Now, don’t just keep your concerns for your loved ones within you, discover about your loved ones and ensure their safety no matter what happens.

A free GPS tracker that you need not install on the target phone
A free GPS tracker that you need not install on the target phone

GPS tracker is what you will need if you specifically want to know where your loved ones are! You can find GPS tracker feature in almost all the spy apps but what is it? What is GPS tracker? It is a global positioning system solution. Name itself tells that it can track your mobile phone position and record the details when you travel from one place to other.

So this is what the GPS tracker is and if you are looking to get one in your mobile device then you can download SpyAdvice. This software is best spy software in the current market and using its GPS tracker you can know all about the present/ past location of the target person. If you want to learn how to use this software and how to keep eye on your loved ones then read this article further.

Method of using SpyAdvice

Method of using SpyAdvice
Method of using SpyAdvice

To use SpyAdvice you need not to learn coding or other spy skills. You just have to visit the website mentioned here- (https://spyadvice.com)  and here you have to sign up to make an account or log in if you already have an account. Once, you sign up/login then you can use this software. Here, you will be offered user control board which will contain a number of features and one such feature is GPS tracker which you can track the location of the target device.

To track the target device and its location its necessary you fill the details of the target phone. Fill and submit the correct details and then this software will first hack the target device and then hacked information will be made available to you.  This information can be location, call recording, chats, and passwords, etc.

So, did you get the method of tracking the location of the target phone? If yes, then before you go and try this method, we want you to learn more about SpyAdvice. Learning more about this software you will come to know what are the features it offers and what are the benefits you are going to get! So, first let us see the features offered by this software.

Features of SpyAdvice

Features of SpyAdvice
Features of SpyAdvice

GPS tracker- you will discover the location of the victim device, date and time, name of the place, current position, past position, live position tracking, etc. thus, you will know where and in what condition is your kid.

Call recorder this records the calls in high quality so that user of the SpyAdvice can listen to what the target person is talking about on call and to whom is he/she talking. The call recorder will timely record the calls which are incoming/ outgoing on the target phone. The recorder will also record the duration of the call and the name of the caller.

SMS tracker SMS messages of the target phone whether it is service messages, bank messages, or SMS from friend or family all will be collected and send to the control panel of the user from where they can view it anytime. SMS tracker will also collect the archived, sent or deleted messages if the user requires them.

Internet activity monitoring- data pack and its usage are recorded by this feature. you will come to know how much time is spend using the internet by the target person and what is the amount of internet data is used every day!

IM chat spy- chats or conversations which are taking place on the IM are recorded by this feature. You can see a profile picture of the user’s account, his/her status, phone number, nickname, real number, media files shared. You can also get to hear the audio and video calls of the target person made through IM.

Keylogger when a target person types something keystrokes are recorded by the SpyAdvice and it is sent to the control panel for the user to view it. This feature is an advanced feature and it is best if you want to get the password of the target person device.

Ambient listening- this is also an advanced feature which is used to listen to the sounds surrounding the phone. the phone if placed somewhere in the room and target person is buy playing video games on the TV or watching a movie then you can listen to the sounds very clearly and come to know what activity is going on.

Live call recorder- this is also a call recorder but the difference is that here you can hear the live conversation of the person. there is a hidden call you will need to make through SpyAdvice on the target phone which will be auto-received and then you will get to listen to the conversation of target phone call very clearly.

Social media spy- WhatsApp, Facebook and Snapchat if are used by the target person then data or activity from the social media apps will be recorded by the SpyAdvice and you can view them. You can see that who all are the close friends of the target person, chats, shared media, duration for which they remain active on the social media. You can also, hack their ID and password and block those people on their account which seems to be a danger.

Multimedia files tracker- you can track the audios, photos, videos and other files stored in the target phone using this feature. You can see that from which source these multimedia files are extracted.  You can see the size, date, and duration when the certain file was downloaded or saved. In this way, you can also view the deleted as well as hidden multimedia files of the target phone.

Advantages of SpyAdvice

No fear of detection

This is the best advantage of the SpyAdvice that if you use this software then you remain hidden and the target person cannot come to know about spy software monitoring them.  When user remains undetected then he/she can continue spying without any problem for as long as they want to do.

Accuracy & satisfaction

SpyAdvice is one such software which assures that the details of the target phone which are collected will be accurate. There will be a high-quality recorder that will be used to record calls, also chats, photos& videos recorded will be accurate as well as high quality.  Customer remains satisfied with the information they receive from the target phone and so they can continue spying.

No harm to privacy

User’s privacy is not harmed that means information that you submit to SpyAdvice remains safe as well as secure. No data are leaked or shared with the third party and so, you can trust them and continue your spying work without any privacy risk. Also, the data collected from the target phone is not shared or sold to the third party.

Updated content

SpyAdvice keep updating so that they can provide you with better features and better services every time. The software is updated to provide you the better spying experience and that you can see the full activity of the target phone and control it very easily.

So, these are some of the advantages of using SpyAdvice. You are recommended to use this spy app because only the best features are offered to meet your needs. Hence, start using it today and you will come to know everything about your loved ones. You will thus, be able to help them in choosing a correct path as well as you will be able to stop them from doing wrong.

You will always remain updated about the activity of the target phone that means if the target person makes a new account, or get connected to any network, or changes his/her network then you will be immediately notified. Also, if the target phone is switched off then you will receive a notification which will tell about it.


No other software provides you better spying experience like the SpyAdvice. It is convenient, compatible, and easy to use, contain a number of useful features as well as provide safety from viruses. It has a better user interface which can be operated by any person and there is no risk to privacy when used this software.

you are given all the support to meet your spying needs and so, the user no matter where the target person is, can find his/her and record his/her activity. The target person cannot escape from the eye of SpyAdvice and also if you restrict their phone or any app then in no ways target person use it. He/she thus remain under your control. Parents, lovers, and employers can solve their real-life issues using this spy software within a short period.

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