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How to Track Someone’s Location using SpyAdvice App

Do you want to track where your partner is now? Then take a phone and download the Spyadvice now. Install and download it from its official store or site and then see where are your partner is! But why want to see your partner’s location? Do you want to track your partner for their safety or you are tracking them down to see how loyal they are to you. We no matter what is the reason behind it SpyAdvice will always assist you and let you meet your spying requirement.

How to Track Someone's Location using SpyAdvice App

How to Track Someone’s Location using SpyAdvice App

SpyAdvice is suitable for those who have relationship issues and wants to know each and every detail of their partners so that they don’t betray them or break their trust. This software also suitable for spying on naughty little ones who play outside and they go here and there. You might be worried to know where they go or strangers might talk to your kids and take them somewhere. This software is offering best GPS tracker and thus, anyone can use it to know where a person or his device is.

What is done by Free GPS tracker – SpyAdvice

What is done by Free GPS tracker - SpyAdvice

What is done by Free GPS tracker – SpyAdvice

Wondering what is GPS tracker and why is it crucial? Well, GPS tracker is the global positioning system which is a necessary tool for the one who wishes to track down the position of place or a person. This tool is easily available in the spy apps and so you can use it and know where the person is and what he/she doing there.

Name of the place where the target phone is located can be seen and his location or activity on the map will be displayed which you can record and save. There is also displayed time and date when the person was recorded to be in that location.

So, we hope you are clear with this feature and its use. Now let’s see how to use the SpyAdvice to track down the device of the partner. First of all, sign up to or log in and then you fill up the target mobile device details such as its number, user name, age, etc. then the software will start getting control over the target phone and then it will send a notification on your account. Once, you receive notification that the target phone is tracked then you can look at its location, or record its activity.

Recorded activities will be viewable in the control panel so make sure you keep it open to view the activity. Also, you have to keep your device connected to the internet. If you don’t have an internet connection then still the software will keep collecting target device activity but you cannot see them until you are connected to the internet. Once, you connect to fast internet then you can see the recording which is uploaded to your account.

Benefits of using GPS tracker

Benefits of using GPS tracker

Benefits of using GPS tracker

Track lost device- biggest benefit of the GPS tracker is that you can track down the lost phone and find where it is. Also, if it is stolen then you can know it and you can see that where the person who took your phone is taking it.

Track your kids– parents can comfortably continue their work while their kids went out playing with friends. They can track the location of their kid and ensure that they are within the safe zone or not. If the kid is late from coming back to school then you need not worry that why they are late, you can check their location and you will come to know whether they are at the bus stop or went somewhere.

Track your partner it is another benefit that using GPS tracker you will come to know where your partner is. You will come to know what made them come home late and where they got stuck. You can see if they are in the office or not.

Track your employee-boss or employer wants to know the real reason why their employee is late then they can track their employee’s location. They can also know whether their employee is taking leave unnecessary for roaming around.

So these are the biggest benefits of tracking the location of your loved ones using SpyAdvice. There are many features which allow you to get many benefits other than tracking location. You can use any of the features and you will come to know what your loved ones are doing.

Features of the SpyAdvice

  • Call recording- it enables the user to hear the conversation of the target person with whom he/she is on call.
  • Contact history spy- it enables the user to see the contact history of the target phone and see a missed call, received a call.
  • GPS tracker-as told earlier it tracks the location of the target phone.
  • SMS spy it tracks SMS messages and details related. You can see hidden SMS chats as well.
  • IM chats– IM chats tracked down will be uploaded in control panel and you can see them whenever you want.
  • Browser history spy– history of the browser means website or URL visited by the target can be viewed or recorded.
  • Keylogger- it allows the user to record password, keystrokes, and patterns of the target device.
  • App blocker- this feature is for blocking app of target phone which seems harmful.
  • App use recorder– this will let the user record the app usage of a victim’s phone and you will come to know how much hour is spent by the target on a certain app.


We hope you understood the functioning of different features and now you will utilize it to meet your spying needs. You can also, make hidden calls, record sounds of surroundings and spy on social media using this software. It will serve all your needs and you will have the best spying results in front of you. Your spouse or partner or kids cannot lie to you anymore.

They will always remain in front of your eyes as you monitor them with SpyAdvice and you can see them doing good as well as bad things. You can thus, help them for their good and punish when they are bad.

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