Spy on Facebook of Anyone You Need (3 Easy Ways)

Facebook these days has become a part of our lives. Besides the fact that is the leading media platform in the world, is being used in businesses. From promoting, having nice conversations and friendly networking. Yet, now you might reach a point where you want to evolve a bit when it comes Facebook. You might want to see how secure really is. But, as in everything there might be a reason why you need to spy on Facebook.


Spy on Facebook of Anyone You Need

Spy on Facebook of Anyone You Need

A good reason is being a parent and you are getting worried about your child. Because it’s grades aren’t as they where back and more there are dangerous things out there. They might throw him in some unknown place o this world for which he is not really prepared.

A second reason why you might want to Facebook spy is that you are an employer. You might be afraid of some company secrets, that could escape. Maybe sometimes your employees are not the most productive ones.

The last reason I was once curious and you might be, is if your spouse is not cheating on you. Problems can come from everywhere and signs and infidelity is a big thing. That is why might be good to Facebook spy your spouse.

However, you might be wondering how you might be doing this Facebook spying thing. Well, for this I prepared you a set of 3 easy ways you’ll sure get to manage pretty easily.

Spy on Facebook with the use of software

Spy on Facebook with the use of software

Spy on Facebook with the use of software

At this part, I thought of recommending something I already used. Which is the SpyAdvice App, used by more than 1 million users all over the world. As more then this is one of the most popular tracking devices. A great reason to recommend you as a recent user and that I already experimented it over Facebook.

Another great thing about SpyAdvice is that is compatible with the majority of operating systems. So, you can use in on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows.

Before I move on explaining some of the things you can do with this app on Facebook I’m going to explain to you how to install it on both Android and iOS.

Android Installation

  1. You need to know that you must buy the app before you do anything else. You need to have the targeted phone around. Because you’ll need to install the app there too. Also, I want you to know that this app is not for any illegal purposes. So, if you have the qualifications then you can go to the official website and you can catch up with the agreements and you can finish signing. I need to mention you, that here you must add some contact information.
  2. Here is where you need to add your device at the corner where it says “Add Device”. Be careful to add Android.
  3. At this point, you choose to set up your device. Also, be sure to maintain your browser running.
  4. Keep your phone connected to the internet. Because you have to go thru some settings and also some security options, on your phone. Where you need to look for “Unknown Source”. So in this way you can download the app.
  5. Now is the point where you have to accept terms and conditions. Then a code for a registration on your email. In this way, you’ll be able to log into your account. Now, you can create a password and a username. Don’t forget to install the phone on the one you track. You don’t need to worry about getting caught. Because the app works in stealth mode.

iOS Installation

  1. Now is iOS time. Don’t worry is not different from the Android part. Because you have to just have the target phone around. So, you do the same thing as at the Android part.
  2. On this step, you have to access your control panel and set your account.
  3. At this part, you have to add your iPhone or what Apple device you have. Now, be careful what you choose. You can go for “No Jalibreak“. Here it depends on what version of SpyAdvice you buy and what version of operating system you have.
  4. Be sure you have an Apple ID, so you can add all the credentials, in order to log in.
  5. Make sure you install the app on the phone you want to track. This happens when you are on the Jalibreak version.

This app is perfect for spying over children because comes with a very easy to use interface. In this way, you get to control all the problem very easily and see what is really going on. The same thing applies to spouses and employees that want to check things.

Moving on, down here I collected a few features that you’ll find them useful. So, you’ll be able spying Facebook with ease.

Features for Facebook Spying

  • Access to an interface – The interface that comes the SpyAdvice give you the opportunity to Facebook spy on iOS and the same thing for Android. Because of a phone interface with which you can track what is going on Facebook.
  • Hijack Remotely – In order to Facebook spy on Android and iOS, you’ll have a control panel. Where the app records every move made on the phone you are tracking. What is nice that you can Facebook spy online because you don’t need a specific device to do it. You only have too log in to your account.
  • Also, you’ll receive alerts regarding the activity that is going on Facebook.
  • Keylogger – is one of the most used methods. When you desire to hack someone’s account and without knowing the password. This amazing feature remembers all the logs of the keys entered on the phone targeted. So, with the features, you can very easily access and also figure the Facebook password of the targeted person.
  • Facebook Inbox messages – This amazing app comes with very nice ability to track messages as media files. As the ones exchanged thru Facebook Messenger and the Messaging app. Also, you can find out who is chatting the person targeted. As, the reasons for the chat. You can check this with the control panel.

Pros and Cons

It’s a really nice app with which you can do many amazing things on Facebook, yet I wanted to make your life easier. In this way, you get to understand what is great and what is not about this app.


  • You can Facebook spy very simple without getting caught and without the target knowing.
  • The SpyAdvice app has many amazing features that are above hacking Facebook.
  • Has a customer support that is available 24 hours.
  • The price packages are reasonable and are available for any kind of budget for a month two or 12 months.


  • You have to buy and also download the third app in order to work.
  • The SpyAdvice app needs manual installment over the targeted phone. Which is pretty risky.
  • Has an incomplete chat monitoring.

View All Feature Download SpyAdvice App

Spying on someone’s Facebook account via online cracker

Spying on someone's Facebook account via online cracker

Spying on someone’s Facebook account via online cracker

A very interesting method to spy on Facebook free is Hyper-Cracker. Is one of the best ways to spy on Facebook online. For this method, you only need to have the target’s username of the account. The Hyper-Cracker give you the opportunity to hack the person’s password. You’ll be able to download pictures in a remote way and see all the history of the account. Also, this method allows you also to see the entire conversation and the login activity.

For the rest part, I made you a short Guide with steps on how to do it exactly.

  1. You’ll have to access the Hyper-Cracker website. Where you have to look around for the option of “Hack Now Online”.
  2. Here you need to click, so you access another page.
  3. At this point, you’ll enter the username of the Facebook account targeted. Be sure the username starts with the http://address.
  4. As you finished entering all the details, of course correctly, then go and click on the option “Hack This Facebook Account Now”.
  5. Now you accessed the account you’ll be able to view the messages, pictures and other things.

Spying into someone’s account using forgot password method

Spying into someone's account using forgot password method

Spying into someone’s account using forgot password method

My last option I picked up to discuss is the “Forgot Password“. Apart from the fact that you can use an online tool that requires a username in order to hack the targeted Facebook. You can also add a different method of Facebook Spying. You’ll only need have access to the user’s email address used by the Facebook owner.

Moving on, to make things a bit easier I made you a short guide to understanding the method and what to really do.

  1. Go to Facebook and open the option of “Forgot your Password”.
  2. Here there will be the second page that of the request. In order to find your account which will open up. Now, you have to add the username in the specified space.
  3. There will be another new page that will request you to “Reset your password”. Now, you have to pick up the option “Continue”. Here you can also choose the option of email, text message or even the call option. Yet, be sure to have full access to all of them.
  4. Now, you’ll receive a security code sent to one of the options chosen and you need to enter it in the space provided.
  5. There will be another page pop-ing up that requests you a new and strong password displayed. Enter it and then proceed to “Continue”.
  6. At this point, Facebook will request you to log out from other devices. Which will appear to you of being suspect? Then click to “Stay Logged in” and proceed to “Continue”.

Now you finished hacking the Facebook account. You can say the account belongs to you now and you are free to do whatever you desire.

Bonus tip

Because I enjoy writing for you my readers, I want to leave you some other amazing apps that you can use. They will help you for sure on Facebook spying.


Is one of the best Facebook spy apps on the market. She has a bit of time on the market so, it kind of has a name. So, if you are looking for a very easy to use the app the TheTruthSpy is a great option. The app can trace the phone’s activity as the data log in and also the time. It can also track Facebook chats, messages and more.


  • Has an abundance of features for spying.
  • You can wipe out data from the data of the phone targeted.
  • Works remotely;


  • Spoofing is a fully illegal.
  • You can’t subscribe less than a 1 year.

Highster Mobile

Another great software used for Facebook spy on iOS as on Android. It recovers all the deleted and old Facebook messages. This app supports almost all types of mobile phones. As soon as you install the app over the targeted phone, you can start Facebook spying. It will track everything that is going on, on Facebook. Also, you must know that you can check everything without having the targeted phone around.


  • You can purchase the app to use it only once or you can check for a monthly plan.
  • Has many functions for a very low price.
  • A very powerful soft and fast.


  • Has a limitation over the features
  • The information received is not always up to date.

Mobile Spy

Another popular app for Facebook Spying is Mobile Spy. That offers a wide variety of features. As keeps track of all the Facebook activities. The app works in an incognito mode.


  • Gives you access to the target’s computer.
  • Has a great technical support.


  • The app is not compatible with all the operating systems as Symbian OS and Windows Mobile.
  • The compatibility restricts its features


The app can be easily used to track Facebook activity. As, Facebook messages, when they were sent. Also, the chat from Facebook and all kind of media files shared on Facebook.


  • The app is compatible to spy on Facebook Android as iOS and almost all the types of operating systems.
  • It’s updating remotely


  • The app can only use on jailbroken devices.
  • Has a very weak customer support.


One of the tops used spying apps on the market is also on my list. Because provides you many features that can help you on Facebook spying. As the other apps provide you access to the data stored from Facebook. So, in this way you can check the messages, media files, a time when the messages where sent and to who.


  • It’s a no-jalibreack and no-root solution which makes the app better than other on using it to Facebook spy.
  • Comes with a KeyLogging
  • You can screenshot remotely


  • Has higher costs compared to other apps.


Now, I hope you caught everything you wanted on what it seems to be Facebook spying. Also, I hope your problems with your children, employees, and spouse might end with this methods. Each of them come with pros and cons.

The SpyAdvice is a very trusted app that I already used it and I now that is great. Yet, you might not like it, but only depends on you and if it meets your needs.

On the other side, the hyper-cracker is a free online solution that at each of us hand. So, you might choose this one, yet is a bit more dangerous to use.

The last method is another great and free method to use, yet chances of putting in to use are a bit lower. It only depends on how you have access to data.