How can I spy on my husband without touching his cell phone

Get the Way to I can spy on my spouse phone without touching his phone

Are you wondering about that is it even possible to spy on your husband’s phone? If yes, then the answer to this question is “yes you can”! It is possible these days to spy on android devices as well as iPhone devices without touching them! To do this you will require software which is designed for the purpose of spying on the phone. This software is easily available on the web and so, you can download the spy app and access your husband’s device in no time.

Get the Way to I can spy on my spouse phone without touching his phone
Get the Way to I can spy on my spouse phone without touching his phone

But wait! Which spy app is suitable and which is harmful? When you type “spy app” on your browser a list of spy app will be displayed on the screen and so you will feel confused which app should you use!

About SpyAdvice for spying on my husband without touching his cell phone

About SpyAdvice for spying on my husband without touching his cell phone
About SpyAdvice for spying on my husband without touching his cell phone

Compatibility- spy app which you download is necessary to be compatible with your mobile version. If your mobile is a new version then search such software offers compatibility to it!

Virus free/risk-free– the spy app which you download must be tested and risk-free i.e. it must not have any kind of viruses. If there will be a virus then your device may get damaged and your data will be stolen. So choose only trusted and virus free spy app.

Undetectable- some spy app is detectable and target person can find out its presence on their device. They can uninstall them and cause hindrance in spying. You need to download software which cannot be detected on the target phone.

Guaranteed- the spy app which you choose must be guaranteed means it should not cause dissatisfaction. It should offer all the features which are mentioned on its page and that it should work well to fulfill your need.

Easy to operate-the spy app which you download must be easy to use and there should not be a long process for its operation. Long process means a waste of time as well as dissatisfaction. There must be customer friendly user interface!

If you thinking that in which app you can find all these qualities then we will suggest you one such spy app which is having all these qualities. This app is named as SpyAdvice, currently; it is top ranking spy software which is trusted by many! This app is easily available on https://spyadvice.com. When you download and install this software on your device then you reveal all the secrets of your spouse by spying on them.

This software is specially designed as well as programmed to spy on the android as well as iOS devices so if your spouse is having an Android or iPhone device then you can use it. There will be no need to go through the long process of spying; you will be able to spy very easily using this software. Steps to spying through this software are simple enough that even a kid can simply use it.

But it is important to remember that this software is designed for only spying on kids, workers, and partner. Any illegal use of this software by you may lead to greater issues later. So, make sure you read its terms of use as well as T&C before using this software. If you simply wish to know about your spouse activity and catch them if they are cheating you then you can make use of this software. There will be no problems and you can do this task.

What to spy

What to spy
What to spy

There are many things on which you can spy like-

Location this is the main need of the person and many partners spy on their spouse to check their location.  The GPS tracker feature of SpyAdvice fulfills this need of checking on the location of the target device. Whenever your spouse is out of the house then you can check where they are and what they are doing using this GPS locator.

Calls the need of spying on the calls of target phone is increasing. The reason why most partner spy on their other half phone calls is to know that what all problems they are hiding from them! Also, it lets you know that whether or not your spouse is a cheater. SpyAdvice records the calls of your spouse and delivers it in your panel so that you can access it anytime and hear to the recordings!

SMS tracking your partner do not show you the bills and do not tell how much they spend on their friend or on themselves then you can track their SMS. You will come to know how much money they have in account when they receive SMS of withdrawal of money this message will be directed to you. In this way, you can cut short their spending as well as save money. If your spouse cheats you and keeps chatting to someone through SMS then you can spy on SMS chats and see whom they contact or chat.

Also, you will come to know what the motive behind their long chat is and why they are not telling about it to you.

Internet history tracking what is your spouse doing on his phone and what kind of content he/ she search on the browser? You need to know this because you want your spouse to remain safe from fake sites and virus affected files. Thus, track the internet history and block all those sites which seems harmful to you. Your spouse will never come to know about blocking of certain sites on his phone.

Keylogger– sometimes you will feel the need of hacking the password of your spouse phone! At this stage, you will use Keylogger feature of the SpyAdvice and record all the passwords of the target device. This will be useful also, in case of the target person losses his/her password or forget it then you can help them. keylogger works by recording the keystrokes typed or pressed on the target device.

Spy apps- do you want to know what all apps are installed in your spouse phone and which are the ones that they use more often? Well, SpyAdvice will record the details of the app stored in the target phone and then it will also record usage of the apps and send it to your control panel. You can see hidden apps as well when used this feature. You can see which is the app consuming more of their device space and used mostly.

If you see that there are some harmful apps in your spouse’s phone then you can block as well as remove them from their device.

So these are the things which you can spy on using the SpyAdvice.


What benefit you will get by spying on Spouse? Is that what you are thinking? Well, there is a number of benefits just read given below points!

Get full control of your spouse phone your spouse may not let you touch their phone but when you have SpyAdvice with you then you need not to touch their phone. You can get full control over their device and you can control its activity from any corner of the world. Controlling here means that you can block contacts, sites, and apps which are installed in the target phone.

Catch the cheater-your spouse can be a cheater you never know! You have to spy on them and know about their real face. You have to face the truth and you have to learn so that you did not get cheated by them again and again. You have to get your spouse on the right pace and tell them that you are not less than them! So, if they cheat you, you teach them a good lesson by exposing them and catching them red-handed.

Get them out of trouble– your spouse must be facing some issues outside the home but they may not tell you as they think it is not a good idea to bother you! However, you may want to help them get out of this situation and want to see the happiness on their face once again. If yes, then use SpyAdvice and get to know what troubles are they facing then build a strategy so as to make them get out of the trouble permanently!

Guide them to a correct path- you never know your spouse may lead to the wrong path and get corrupt! You need to guide them and show support by using this software you can restrict them from going on the wrong path. You can restrict your spouse from getting involved with wrong people and in this way you will bring positivity in them!


So, this was all about the best spy software SpyAdvice! If you want to know more and wish to use it to spy on your spouse then you can go to the site we mentioned. There will be full details given. Just read them and start using it, you may get to see its full benefits! Also, you will see there will be a positive change in your relationship!

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