3 Tested Ways to Spy on Snapchat of Anyone You Wish

Since you have landed on this page, you more likely want to spy on Snapchat – right? Congrats for landing in the right place!

So, Snapchat is a rapidly popularizing social media network that is enchanting everyone today, particularly the teens.

This single platform offers unlimited opportunities to share just about anything with whoever you want.

The thing which indeed is the principal reason to attract the users towards Snapchat is the auto-deletion of posts after a particular time.

Just take a picture, mention your story with it, share it with your friends – and leave the rest for Snapchat.

Your post will automatically disappear after a specific time period.

This feature empowers the kids and teens to do and share whatever they want on Snapchat, without fearing to be caught.

However, many folks do not know that there now are multiple ways to spy on snapchat of anyone.

Why one Should Spy on Snapchat

As said above, Snapchat is not focused on keeping your posts saved to your profile – unlike the other social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

That has raised serious concerns about the safety of your kids.

The users, particularly the teens and the kids, feel some liberty while using the Snapchat.

They are confident to hide their posts from family and a majority of friends.

3 Tested Ways to Spy on Snapchat of Anyone You Wish

3 Tested Ways to Spy on Snapchat of Anyone You Wish

Of course, at such young ages, it is incorrect to let the teens use such a risky social networking app without keeping a check on their activities.

That too, when we have witnessed a few porn bots spamming the Snapchat users.

Under such circumstances, it is challenging to keep teens safe and away from sexting.

Moreover, several malicious users are also active on Snapchat who are specifically targeting the children and teens for their wrongdoings.

Of course, parents have the right to be curious about ‘what my children are Snapchatting.’

They can even grab their kids’ cellphone to see their activities.

Still, this attitude can only enrage your child – making him to rebel.

Teenage is a critical time period in an individual’s life where the teen is anxious to explore every good or bad.

Hence, as a parent, you should be wary to protect your child from all nasty activities on social networking sites, particularly, the Snapchat.

Snapchat’s Built-In Spy Feature

Many of you would probably have come across this feature, but you might not think of using it as the Snapchat spy tool!

Snap Map gives you an opportunity to spy your friends and know their location.

Whether you want to spy your kids, or you are just curious to see what your friends are up to, Snap Map can tell it all.

All About the Snap Map

Snap Map Snapchat built-in spy featureSnap Map displays information about all your friends who were lately available on Snapchat, and have shared their location with you.

With this feature, your contacts unknowingly give you a chance to spy on Snapchat.

If you want to spy anyone or wish to surprise your friends by joining them randomly at a particular spot, Snap Map assists you by showing the recent movements of your friends.

Activating this built-in snapchat spy feature is easy to do, would take just a couple of taps from your fingers.

  • You can swiftly activate the Snap Map feature by tapping your finger on the camera view when you launch the app.
  • You will then see the map view with your friends, named as the ‘Actionmoji.’ These Actionmojis carry with the names and profile pictures of your friends.
  • If you want to know more about their latest stories, tapping on these Actionmojis will display their updates.
  • The Snap Map’s ‘Heat Map’ keeps you engaged if your friends haven’t shared anything interesting. You can get information about any events taking place in the vicinity through heat map.

Although Snap Map is exploitable for spying, yet the Snapchat developers never intend it to be a remote Snapchat tracker.

Hence they have included the option to restrict location sharing with a few contacts, or simply, no one (Ghost mode).

Nevertheless, this ghost mode feature can also let you spy seamlessly – since you can see all your friend’s locations on the map without letting them know about yours.

How to Spy on Someone’s Snapchat without Them Knowing

How to Spy on Someone's Snapchat without Them Knowing

How to Spy on Someone’s Snapchat without Them Knowing

Snapchat has become famous worldwide, especially among the teens, owing to its somewhat private nature.

By the word ‘private’, we do not refer to the user’s privacy, rather what we mean is that the user stays carefree regarding autodeletion of his postings. It has made your kids and teens vulnerable to social harms.

As discussed earlier, it is of no use to snatch your kid’s mobile phone to see if your kid is sexting on the snapchat.

Your action may give a sense of distrust to your child. Nevertheless, if you succeed in snooping someone’s snapchat activities that can deliver meaningful results to you.

Now that you know you can spy on snapchat of anyone, your next focus should be towards the ways of spying secretly (of course, this is what spying is all about).

What will be the purpose of spying anyway – if the other person knows that he or she is being traced?

Above we have discussed about Snap Map, which is not a spying tool – but you can use it for Snapchat spying purpose as well (to a limited extent).

Nevertheless, did you know you can “actually” spy on anyone’s Snapchat with specialized snapchat spy free tools?

Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Let’s take a look at what these apps and methods are, and how they can help you in your snooping activities.

1. SpyAdvice– A Comprehensive Snapchat Spy Tool

SpyAdvice– A Comprehensive Snapchat Spy Tool

SpyAdvice– A Comprehensive Snapchat Spy Tool

If you are wondering to find the best Snapchat spy app, then here is a fantastic recommendation from us, the SpyAdvice!

You may probably have read about this app in our previous articles where we covered spying apps.

Now, once again, SpyAdvice tops up all the other spying apps owing to its exciting features.

Here is a glimpse of what SpyAdvice can provide you when you desire to spy on Snapchat of anyone.

  • Complete tracking of all multimedia sent and received via Snapchat
  • Exact time of sharing of all photos and videos
  • Access to the deleted media filed via the control panel of your account
  • Updated media file transfer logs
  • Record of keystrokes
  • Real-time location monitoring with GPS tracking
  • Geofencing to keep a check on access of your kids, spouse, or employees to unauthorized areas

SpyAdvice is not just a spying app; instead, it is a complete package that enables you to hack someone’s snapchat without them knowing – and get access to every single activity of the user.

It is mainly a paid app, but you can download its 7-day free trial version to check its usability. You are sure to be entranced with its impressive features, compelling you to subscribe to its paid version.

Although you may find several other free apps in the market claiming to hack anyone’s Snapchat without touching their cell phones, you must not trust those apps. Some such tools are just scams or an attempt to hack your data.

So, instead of making your information vulnerable to potential threats, it is better to go for trusted applications like SpyAdvice!

Indeed, spending a few bucks to achieve your goal is better than losing your information to untrusted sources.

SpyAdvice features a user-friendly interface that is further jazzed up with an array of exciting options.

Owing to its ease of use, this app is a perfect tool to keep an eye on the Snapchat activities of your children, your spouse, or anyone you want.

Where to Get SpyAdvice?

After reading the article up till here, being a desperate parent or a curious spouse – you may have browsed through the Google Play Store (or the Apple Store if you have an iPhone) and would be disappointed to notice the absence of this app there.

Well as stated above, SpyAdvice is mainly a paid app – so you need to get its paid version from the official website.

Nevertheless, you will find various pricing plans according to which you can subscribe to this service keeping in view your financial limitations.

To get the subscription, you first need to register yourself on the official website. And of course, you can take advantage of their free trial to get started without paying a cent.

You will then receive a confirmatory email from the company, mentioning all details, your login credentials, as well as the access to the app’s control panel through which you are going to monitor the other person’s account.

If you are looking for means to how to hack someone else’s snapchat account, SpyAdvice is indeed the perfect solution for you.

How to Spy a Snapchat Account via SpyAdvice

How to Spy a Snapchat Account via SpyAdvice?

How to Spy a Snapchat Account via SpyAdvice?

After you have bought the SpyAdvice subscription, you may be wondering how will you snoop in your target’s Snapchat account.

Well, to get access to your aim’s Snapchat, you first have to download this app on that person’s mobile phone.

As a parent, doing so is easy, since you just have to wait for your kid to leave his/her cell phone for a while.

Then you can quickly install this app on your child’s cell phone within minutes. If you are curious to spy on spouse, well, you may then wait for the time when your spouse is sleeping.

You just need a few minutes to deploy your ‘detective’ app over on your spouse’s cell phone.

In case of an iOS device if you are afraid of going through the jailbreak feature to install this app; then let me tell you that you can swiftly skip this option – by tapping on “without jailbreak” available in the beginning of SpyAdvice setup wizard you will get your hands on by logging into the account. The rest of the installation of this useful snapchat spy app iPhone is easy.

Once completed, you can now access the cell phone’s entire data through the control panel of your registered SpyAdvice account.

Here, selecting Snapchat in the social media section of your SpyAdvice dashboard will open the doors of your target’s Snapchat account to you!

Will My Kids/Spouse/Employees Know about the App?

MSpy is a dedicated app for spying. Therefore, the developers have taken reasonable care to introduce every single secret spying feature in it.

Your target will never know about the presence of this app on its cell phone. You just have to check the option to hide app icon during the installation process.

Once done, you can enjoy an entirely secret and uninterrupted snap spy free access.

TIP: if you come across any such app that requires a jailbreak even for the basic spying, better not opt for it. If you do, be ready to be caught by the target cell phone’s owner!

2. Spy on Snapchat with AppSpy For Free

2. Spy on Snapchat with AppSpy For Free

If you are unwilling, reluctant, or non-affording to buy the subscription-based SpyAdvice app, you may probably need a snapchat spy app free such as AppSpy (https://appspyfree.com/snapchat-spy/).

It is an online freely accessible spying application that helps you snoop at your target’s Snapchat account.

An attractive feature of this online spy tool is that it never hints your target about your snooping activities.

This free Snapchat spying tool uses various VPNs with which it entirely masks your presence at first. This way, your targeted user will never doubt any external access to its Snapchat activities.

Through AppSpy, you can freely get your target users snap stories, chat logs, and even the login credentials. The last feature empowers you to get instant access to your target’s Snapchat account instantly without any spy app.

How to Spy via AppSpy?

Using AppSpy isn’t anything complicated. You just have to follow some quick and easy steps (stated below), after which you just need to do a small task as human verification for snapchat spying.

Once the task gets completed, you get all the details of the Snapchat account of anyone.

Here is how you can use this fantastic tool to spy on Snapchat.

  1. Visit the official link of AppSpy: https://appspyfree.com
  2. Download AppSpy.APK file
  3. Setup your account
  4. Log in to AppSpy Panel to view all Snapchat history

3. Spy On Someone’s Snapchat Using the Snapchat Photo Grabber


Snapchat Photo Grabber is yet another snapchat spy free no download tool that lets you spy on Snapchat account of any person you want.

Though this tool is not as smart as the others, particularly the SpyAdvice, you can still use it as a quick option to access anyone’s Snapchat account.

If you are running short of time to know what your spouse is snapchatting, or you doubt your partner is cheating on you, or even if you are afraid your kid might become a slave to any criminal online – this handy tool will let you access your target’s snapchat account within minutes.

How to Spy via Snapchat Photo Grabber

Like Snapch, this tool is also a web-based app that you can use by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Visit the official website of the app at https://snapkiller.pro/snapchat-hack-photo-grabber
  2. Enter the username of your target Snapchat account. You do not have to enter a lot of details which you might not even know about your partner.
  3. Click on the ‘submit‘ button.
  4. Wait for some time to let the app extract all details of the Snapchat account.
  5. Complete the human verification process by filling a short survey to access the hacked account details.

And that’s all. You now have the entire information of your target Snapchat account with full secrecy.


Spying is always debated to be legal or illegal. But frankly, what’s more important than to get involved in these pointless debates is to protect your loved ones from being caught by criminals.

Snapchat is becoming a platform to spoil your teens and kids. The way people share their Snapchat stories with weird pictures is unethical.

Plus, the free access to nasty bots and offenders suffices to trap any user.

Apparently, no one is going to share their naughty activities with you, be it your kids, your spouse, your mate or your employee.

Therefore, you are compelled to spy on Snapchat account of anyone you doubt or want to keep protected online.

And, in this article, we have tried to come up with the three best ways to spy on Snapchat.

Though all the three options are useful and fruitful, SpyAdvice certainly tops up these apps due to a plethora of handy features and options.

Moreover, this is the only snapchat spy no survey application which saves your time from being wasted on human verification and offers completion surveys.

You just have to invest a little amount on its subscription. After you benefit yourself with its amazing features, you will definitely not regret spending a meager amount.

Now that you know how to spy on Snapchat of anyone, it is your ethical duty to ensure you are not going to use these tools for any wrongdoings.

Nevertheless, if you wish to protect your child as a worried parent, desire to keep an eye on your spouse, or want your staff to be sincere with their work instead of wasting time on Snapchatting – then it indeed is your right to spy their Snapchat accounts. Try any of the tools mentioned above and enjoy unrestricted access to your anyone’s snapchat account with full privacy. Good luck!