How to Spy on Text Messages of Anyone Secretly

Nowadays we live in a world where smartphones have become a big thing in our lives. Because of this, I became very interested in spying on text messages.

However, for you perhaps, the reasons can be to see what your children are up to. Maybe, you feel like your spouse is showing signs of infidelity or think that your employee might be leaking some secret information out to the rival via texts.

How to Spy on Text Messages of Anyone Secretly

How to Spy on Text Messages of Anyone Secretly

Whatever your reason to spy on text messages is, you probably are wondering how to exactly check text messages of your spouse, maybe of your children or your employees.

If so, your guesses will have an end now – you can look and compare some methods to help you achieve that and go with the one you believe fits you the best.

Down here I’m going to show you some of the best methods to spy on text messages, but before covering the techniques, I’d go through why one might need to spy on the text messages first – let’s dive in.

Why One Should Spy on Text Messages

We live in the century where online activity is significant for us in regards to the fact how we communicate to one another in this world. However, this thing is so different from how we managed things in the past.

Undoubtedly, having tons of apps and different kind of social networking websites have changed our lives.

On the other hand, these things come with benefits and consequences. Mostly, when you have children, or you want to have an eye on your spouse or employees.

Moving on, using a tool to spy text messages is an incredible activity to keep a bit of order in your life. In this case, I want you to look at a tool as a way to prevent things.

Regarding your children, if they spend tons of time texting, can result in possible lower grades, or even worse effect on their education. These facts, come from studies.

Additionally, some children can even suffer in secret of bullying over the internet. Worst then this, is they can engage in talking with strangers that can be very dangerous.

Moving on, another possible case when it comes to texting, and you want to make a move on it – are the employees.

Many hours can be wasted in various ways, easily. They can start engaging in talking with friends or their loved ones while at work.

Apparently, it is usual for employees to watch movies and videos online at the office.

Yet, you can go and tell them all the time not to do this – that apparently is not going to work for anyone. That is why, there are tools so you can text spy on them, which I believe will help you solve this problem.

Also, you are managing them in a very gentle way. So, in this way you get to raise the productivity of your company without being too aggressive and concerned all the time.

Moreover, in the case of your spouses, if you see them spending a lot of time texting someone – that might be a clue from your spouse of infidelity.

You have the right to know about your spouse’s life, for many good reasons. That is why; it is perfect to use a tool to manage this problem and get to have a better and simple life.

So that now we have covered how spying on texts can benefit you, it is time to know about the ways to do so. Below we go with them!

Method #1: Spy on text messages with a spy application

Method #1: Spy on text messages with a spy application

Method #1: Spy on text messages with a spy application

Before I begin talking about some of the very best apps you can use for spying over text messages, I believe it is vital here to note what are the aspects to look over when selecting an app to use for the purpose in question. More precisely, the crucial elements of a good spy app.

What makes a good spy app

There are a lot of apps on the market that tracks devices in many ways. From letting you view video and pictures or maybe intercept text messages of others, there are apps for everything in this digital age.

However, not all apps are the same when it comes to the reliability and standing tall with their claims.

good spy app checklist

You should go through a checklist to see if an app genuinely is as good as it claims.

That’s why I thought of telling you about some of the most important things you have to look at when choosing a spy app to use. Below we go with the essential things you need to take into consideration:

Easy to use

Many of us think you need to be a genius in order to use a spy app. Also, some might have anxiety when it comes to the control panel.

To be sure that you are going into good hands, look for the ease of use to check the chat logs in the app you are going to get.

Not to mention, a good spy app should allow you an easy catchup with the GPS and be able to spy on text messages with the just one-time setup.

Fast Installation

Another aspect you have to take in consideration is the installation of the software. As soon as you buy the app, a good company will send you an email where they explain how to install it on any of your preferred devices. Usually, they need to take only a few minutes and you can start working on actual spying.


Most of the available apps for spying share kind of the same features, yet they can be different. At this point, you have to look at which would fit the best for you.

Of course, all is based on your needs. Be sure that your app has multiple functions and they work correctly. As an example, they are fast when you request an answer; they are easy to use without showing signs of complications.

Affordable cost and no headaches of monthly fees (ideally)

Be that as it may, the majority of the time this kind of apps that can spy on text messages have the same rate. Yet, some can request additional monthly fees to use them. But, there are others that you pay a fee at the beginning – a one-time payment.

Before you buy something, you better see what the market has and compare. Look over the review and compare features.

Does that look more expensive be sure the price is equivalent to the features that have? As, GPS tracking, spying over text messages and more.

A good spy app should also offer to spy on text messages on a free trial, that will give you a better idea of the app without paying anything upfront.

The aspect of being undetectable

One of the common issues when it comes to text message interceptor and cell phone spy is stealth. At any rate, when you look to buy an app for spying, be sure that is undetectable. If it is not, then you are paying money for nothing!

The should also not require you to have the target device in hand again once you are done with setting it up on that correctly.

For example, if you want to check text messages of your spouse, children or you want to check their pictures – then the app should work in a remote way after you are done with installing it on your kid or spouse’s device according to the instructions app provided.

SpyAdvice app

SpyAdvice app

SpyAdvice app

Now that you know the essential things as to how a good spy app should be, let’s move with the very best app out there on the market. I have done loads of research and tested many, below you go with the one I found to be very best.

Of course, there are other spy apps too, but I recommend going with this one only. The app I used and recommend to spy on messages is, SpyAdvice.

Let’s move on so you can get a glimpse of how you can get started with it and how it works. Below we go with everything you need to know to begin spying on text messages of anyone you want.

Buy it

As like any other service or app, the very first thing you need to do to start using this app is buying a subscription to the app.

This depends on your needs because there are multiple packages from which you can choose. What I would recommend you is taking advantage of their completely free 7-day trial.

As soon as you are finished with the form for the purchase and the payment confirmation, SpyAdvice will send you an email with instructions.

The email more precisely will contain a link to your SpyAdvice control pane, username and password, order information, and instructions for installation on your target device (the device you want to monitor text messages on).

Installing SpyAdvice

Moving on, on this step you’ll have to install the tracker – which is a piece of cake. In case, you feel like you are not getting it, you can connect with their customer support.

They will be more than happy to help you, I didn’t encounter any issues whatsoever while installing the app. The very first email I got right after my subscription was all I needed, it had everything required.

Nevertheless, there are cases when some devices might need rooting for Android or jailbreak for iPhone users.

But with SpyAdvice, you do not need to worry about rooting or Jailbreak – no matter what your target device is. As in the case of text messages spying, it doesn’t require the target phone to be rooted or jailbroken.

But you will need physical access to the target phone at the time of installation for this.

However, if you need to spy on Whatsapp, Facebook or any other primary social platform on the target phone – you will need the phone to be rooted or jailbroken.

Yet, some of you might think of the idea of how to read someone’s text messages without their phone. That is possible in case of iOS but not Android with SpyAdvice.

For this, it provides the option; no Jailbreak version for the iPhone users. Still, you’ll not need to know the iCloud credentials of the target phone.

Download SpyAdvice Now

Begin monitoring the text messages

You have done it! Now is the part when you can start using SpyAdvice.

As soon as you finish the setup, you’ll be able to spy on text messages, pictures, over the social media apps and much more available on the phone you just installed this app.

As a final point, I would say, the app is great since I used it and I had some great results. It might cost you a few bucks but I’m sure you’ll have some great results, and actually, will be very happy that you found it (thanks to me then).

And again, its free trial is a great thing to make use of – so take advantage of that!

Method #2: Spying text Messages via Locks and Passwords

Method #2: Spying text Messages via Locks and Passwords

Method #2: Spying text Messages via Locks and Passwords

Considering, today’s subject is kind of hard to obtain some information from the ones you are targeting. Yet, you can make some small steps, to check the things you are so bordered about.

Ask for the password

Most of the smartphones have a pin or password, meant to protect the owner from others to access it.

So, if you desire to see what is going on, you can simply ask your spouse or child for the password. It might look a bit weird. Yet, if you have a strong bond then this might not look like you are looking for something.

However, pay attention to the following aspects in such case:

  • If you enter the phone, don’t delete any data from it (as pictures, messages or even phone calls history). If you do this, you’ll leave a trace and become suspect.
  • You may simply visualize what you are looking for. From text messages, possible calls and more. You can make some screenshots, which is a great option – yet after sending them to you, delete them from the phone and conversation. In this way, you’ll not leave any kind of evidence of spying. This is a perfect for learning how to spy on someone’s text messages without their phone for free. In this way, you get to avoid paying for apps and other kinds of things.

Barrow the phone

Another great way to find out what your spouse or children are up to or even employee is to ask for their phone. Some of the good cases are to ask it to make a call because you are out of battery. This a perfect way to spy on text messages free without installing software.

However, some of the aspects you need to pay attention are:

  • If you observe that the person is acting nervous while you have the phone, then act quickly. Don’t leave any evidence, delete any kind of things you created and give it back to them.
  • In case they don’t want to give it to you, they for sure are hiding something. So, don’t insist you’ll have to move forward and use another method (ideally the SpyAdvice app).

Check the phone while they sleep

Well, for this method, you more likely cannot use it with your employees, yet can do with your spouse or children nicely.

And, use it only if you feel like very pissed of about things. It is a great way to spy text messages without others knowing.

Some of the suggestions you need to look over are:

  • In case you get caught, be sincere and tell them the truth about it. Yet, to avoid this, you can say them you are looking at the clock, or that you don’t find your phone and you want to call to see where it is (just a couple of hints).
  • Now, if you found something that looks bad. Then ask the person to tell you in person at an appropriate time – just to avoid any misunderstandings. However, if you find things that look like massive evidence of infidelity then contact a lawyer or for your child talk with them.

Methods #3: Obtaining the Mobile Records

Methods #3: Obtaining the Mobile Records

Methods #3: Obtaining the Mobile Records

If you reached this point, then I am glad because we are moving on to another significant part where I’m going to tell you how to access text messages of someone by obtaining phone records.

Ask a lawyer

If you have some substantial evidence from your spouse of infidelity, then you might want to collect text messages or maybe calls. However, if you don’t want to get in trouble you can ask a lawyer to make it legal.

The point to note here is:

  • If you are illegally obtaining information from your employees or spouse from their phone, it might work as a substantial evidence in court against you.

Spying a company that had cell phones

If you have a business and you gave phones to your employees I recommend you to download a spy app over their phones. In this way, you avoid information leeching out.

Subsequently, some of the aspects you need to pay attention to are:

  • I recommend you to inform your employees regarding the spy app that is on their phone system.
  • In some states from the USA (for example), it is illegal to spy or intercept calls made over the phones without having permission from the employees.

Check the bill

This method provides you strong evidence over the calls made, time, and messages that were made. Also, the internet data used.

Some of the things you can do to find out information are:

  • You can get your spouse, kids or employees to use a telecom company who charges some fee but provides access to the complete records – as some companies do that.
  • Another thing you can do is, just contact the data provider to give you information regarding the numbers you have in your company (in the case for an employee) or registered on your name (in case of a spouse or child).

That’s it! We are done with all three of our methods to spy on texts; I am confident one would have fitted in your case to go with already!

Frequently Asked Text Spying Questions

Will the user of the targeted phone know he/she is being tracked?

Usually, most of the good apps such as SpyAdvice work in stealth mode, so your app will be invisible on the phone targeted. So you’ll be able to spy over text messages, calls and whatever you desire to see without them know.

How will I receive the software?

The company of the app will send you all the instructions regarding the download, installation and how to work with it. This process is straightforward to complete, and you don’t have to bother thinking about it, all you need is sign up for them and complete the payment process.

Do I need physical access to the target phone?

Yes, but only once and just for a few minutes. After that, you’ll be able to spy on the phone remotely. Yet, there are some apps that don’t require physical access that there are rarely seen (as stated above with SpyAdvice for iOS you don’t need physical access to the target phone as a must).

Do I really need to jailbreak my personal iPhone?

Yes, you’ll need to do this procedure on your iPhone to spy on third-party (like social) apps and services available on the phone. It will be relatively easy, and you’ll be able to start installing the app in a flash.

Do all these software work over the world?

It depends, you’ll need to check their website if one is available in your country. As for the one I recommended in this article, SpyAdvice, it works equally well all around the world on any given service provider (carrier).


To conclude I’d say, I gave you some great options here which you can use to spy text messages over a mobile phone. However, choose what you believe suits you the best.

All in all, I suggest using the SpyAdvice app as I’ve used it already with excellent results. Among all the methods, this app method is easy to use and hassle-free – given that you know whether the kind of spying you are doing is legal. Indeed, SpyAdvice is kind of a set and forget method which works for all – in any case. And of course, its free trial with all the premium features is a hint how excellent the app is for what it does!

Nevertheless, checking for the password is a nice way too. Yet, it is a bit risque to apply. This method might be free; but, your spying efforts mostly are going to be dependable on the target’s discreet. And on top, if you get caught – that should not be so good for you.

The method of obtaining bill records is fine too, depending on one’s needs. It’s a much more straightforward method; however, I believe it doesn’t provide that much information as you might desire.

So at last, it all depends on the personal preferences and case – if you’d ask me, I’d recommend going with SpyAdvice as it is the easiest way to spy on text messages and works out of the box!

Finally, if you enjoyed my article feel free to leave your thoughts regarding it in the comment section. Also, if you had some experiences with any of the methods listed above, please tell me (and many other readers like you) about them.