How to Spy on WhatsApp of Anyone You Want

No surprises you’ve made it here to discover how to spy on WhatsApp, you know why? Because obviously, one of the most known and used apps that are on the top of Google charts or App Store is the WhatsApp. Hence because of its giant users base, you more likely have fallen into its belt. It might seem way under Twitter, but well, things have changed!

WhatsApp has taken down Twitter and having 200 million active users per month. Besides this, around 20 billion messages exchange every day and 400 million photos. More then Facebook messenger, that is why Zuckerberg has bought the fantastic app.

How to Spy on WhatsApp of Anyone You Want

How to Spy on WhatsApp of Anyone You Want

The app launched in 2010 and since then has grown day by day. Because of its perfect features, from video calling, messenger and voice recording. Beside this, you can add a status which can last for 24 hours. Also, the user can use videos, gif or photos as a status. The app is all over the world from Windows Phones, Nokia users, BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone.

This amazing app is for either personal or business reasons. These were the most often reasons for use. During the year’s things, people got very interested what others might hide in their Whatsapp messages.

Or you have an enemy, and you’ll want to find out something about him. Thinking if is this possible? Yes, it is! The idea of spying has grown massively, and Italy knows more about what is happening because of this app.

More than this, WhatsApp is the reason why so many people use the internet even in the rural areas these days. But, Italy has a massive problem with this app.

Because they have encountered so many acts of infidelity, which went to divorce. Most of the partners included WhatsApp in their case to strengthen their file by bringing in proof.

If you find yourself in this kind of situation or you want to take care of your children. We found some great ideas of WhatsApp spying which you can use in your favor.

Because we took a look on Google, on which are the most searched things? One of the most used is” How to spy on WhatsApp”. The reasons, we have one unique one and many other from this vast world.

For the idea of spying on WhatsApp, SpyAdvice has got two smart ways. The first one is the use of SpyAdvice for Android or even for an iPhone. A perfect app that is easy to install on the owner of the phone and then spy WhatsApp.

The other idea that we have is Mac Spoofing. This technique works on both Android smartphones and Apple iOS. I am going to talk about each one in details, right below.

We note that this article has the purpose of informing you, only. SpyAdvice is not responsible for any misuse of the information gave. It’s your own decision. Do your homework on whether spying is legal or not if you have any doubts in mind.

How to spy on WhatsApp via SpyAdvice

How to spy on WhatsApp via SpyAdvice

How to spy on WhatsApp via SpyAdvice

This fantastic app is for sure undetectable and will allow you not only spying on WhatsApp. But also every aspect of the owner’s phone. Besides that we found it easy to use during our extensive SpyAdvice review, it has features like GPS tracking, SMS, Facebook, Skype and our winner WhatsApp. Each interaction of the target user on these apps is sent to your web-based account.

The company explains to us that you can use the app on Apple, BlackBerry, Windows Phones, Symbian, and Android. In our article section below, though, we are going to talk only about Apple and Android – the most used operating systems.

The app is more suitable to check on your children as they have a point in life when they can get out of control. That is the moment when you have to make small actions to help them out. Not just kids, there are many scenarios where people wish to monitor someone else’s activities.

Moving on with the SpyAdvice for to spy on WhatsApp, the subscribers can sync the data automatically – with Wi-Fi or in a manual mode. Please note, on the Wi-Fi the information needs around 30 minutes to update onto your SpyAdvice dashboard.

The person who is tracking can have a look at the target no matter wherever he goes. You have to sign in into the account and will have all the activity shown on a dashboard.

Also, the dashboard produces charts, which inform you about the most used app. Information’s about calls and messages. Those are very important for you yet, be aware of future consequences.


The app has a 24h support, with updates on their server, software and other general things. It looks like they want to be sure you receive the best experience with the SpyAdvice.

The App can be installed merely on desktop platforms like Mac and Windows. Also on mobile devices as, Android, iPhone, and iPad. The SpyAdvice for computer comes with some great features. Such as screenshots, browser history, keylogger and many others.

Before purchasing the SpyAdvice, we recommend checking if the phone you are targeting is a supported model. Also, you must know that you must have access to the phone so you can install the software. After installing, the app will disappear and will sneak stealing what you need.

But, for the use, we thought of making a few essential vital steps. In this way, we know you’ll have complete understanding to use it. Just have a look at these simple steps below and simply take action over your life.

For iPhone iOS

After you subscribe to SpyAdvice, you’ll receive an email that you have to follow. The purpose is to obtain more information and to sign into the app.

  1. Given that you have subscribed to SpyAdvice, you’ll have to access the SpyAdvice control panel first. Because you have to set up your account, more precisely add a new device or phone.
  2. You will attempt not to access the phone that you target. By this, you have to select iPhone but the option “without Jailbreak”. Lastly, go and Proceed.
  3. We mention that on here we are talking more on the iPhone. But, almost the same steps are for other phones too.
  4. Returning to our essential steps, be sure to have an Apple ID handy. Get the credentials entered to log in, verify and proceed.
  5. Be happy; you’re done with all the setup procedure. On this step, you’ll need patience, because you have to wait for the WhatsApp logs to open on your control panel. Now you are good to go and start spying on the target phone without installing something on him.

For Android

The use of SpyAdvice on Android and installation is kind of the same as on the iPhone, yet let’s take a look.

  1. Go and access your browser and log in to your SpyAdvice profile.
  2. The same as an iPhone, you’ll have to “Add device”. This option you’ll find it on the top. Also be sure to choose Android from the OS list, which is under the “Platform Selection”.
  3. Now you’ll have to “Set up your device” which is an option. Keep the browser running, while you go on your Android device.
  4. Be sure your device/phone is connected to the internet. Proceed to settings and at security options. Because you have to tick the box from “Unknown Source”. In this your phone will download/install an app from the internet, outside of the Play Store.
  5. You can go and check on, where you’ll find the app. Follow the steps of installation of SpyAdvice.
  6. Once you have the SpyAdvice on the phone, accept terms and conditions. They will also ask you for a registration number. Then you just generate it from the SpyAdvice profile and then add it to your phone.
  7. Once you’ve done all the steps above; you are ready to start working on searching what you desired to spy.

What can you do with SpyAdvice

Above we discussed how to install and also on two types of devices. On this part, SpyAdvice has thought of really give you the right info on what you can do with this app.

Here are a few things you can check:

  • You can have a nice look at the text and call history;
  • Information’s about memo updates and calendar;
  • You’ll also find out where is the person you are targeting, with GPS;
  • You can check our main interest WhatsApp on what’s going on there;

View All Feature Download SpyAdvice WhatsApp Spy App

Now that we have covered the first one, let’s move to the next method of Whatsapp spying. Our second way that we choose to inform you about how to spy on WhatsApp is Mac Spoofing, below you go with it:

Spy on Whatsapp with Mac Spoofing

Spy on Whatsapp with Mac Spoofing

Spy on Whatsapp with Mac Spoofing

It might seem hard to spy on someone’s Whatsapp conversations, yet there are some quite simple steps you can use – now we are down to our second method of achieving that, Mac spoofing. It is not hard to use and it, in fact, is one of the most efficient spy techniques.

Besides this, you’ll not have to worry about the system working. Be that as it may, it is the same on Android and Apple iOS smart devices.

How does it work?

If you desire to spy on WhatsApp using this method, you must know that Mac Spoofing uses media access control.

It’s made of a fascinating security code that has numbers and letters. All mobile phones have it, and they are different from each other. It’s known to be the LAN or physical address.

But you must be aware of the fact that this method is a bit difficult. And you must have some technical skills to complete the needed steps. Because you should have a bit high-standard to meet, so you’ll have to act like a detective. You don’t have to leave any marks; so the person of which you want to spy on WhatsApp will never guess.

How to use?

Below are the details you need to know to spy WhatsApp messages via Mac spoofing:

  • If you have the chance to access the phone(s) of the owner, it will take you like just a few minutes;
  • Own personal phone where we have WhatsApp;
  • So given that you have got the target device in your hand, you are already a big step away, as still, you’ll need a Mac Address of the person you want to spy. Be sure to write it down. Also, the structure of the code must be something like this: 06: B3:93: F4:35: AC. You must know the Mac Address 12 characters.
  • Go now to Settings then to General – About and WiFI Address;
  • For Android finding the Mac Address is like this: Settings – About phone – Status – WiFi Mac Address;
  • In case you have the phones connected to the same WiFi line then you can find the Mac Address from a Mac or a PC;
  • In a windows system, things go something like this; you’ll have to access the computer icon. Secondly, Open the Network and Sharing center and after this Change adapter settings. Now select the network that you have interest in. Lastly, click on details and you get the Mac Address which is right next to the Physical Address.
  • On an OS X/ Mac (this is the Apple’s operating system). Take your step to the System Preferences then Network – Advanced – Hardware. Here will be the first information you’ll get to find on this last window.

How to work with the Mac Spoofing?

  1. The very first thing you’ll need to do is uninstall WhatsApp from your smartphone;
  2. Go and change your Mac Address with the one from the person you desire to spy. Some apps can do this as, Busy Box for Android or Wifi Spoof for iPhone, which we suggest using them.
  3. Now you can re-install your WhatsApp on your phone. Also, don’t forget to add the phone number of the person you want to spy on.
  4. Be aware of the fact that the activation code goes via SMS. And the person you desire to spy will receive it on the phone. Somehow take the phone with you. Take the code and then delete the message. In this way, you won’t be caught.
  5. If you followed all these steps, then I am sure you are good now to inspect all the WhatsApp messages, videos, and photos of the person you are willing to spy.

What is Busy BOX & Wifi Spoof?

Even though we are done with covering all the steps of both of our methods to hack WhatsApp of anyone you want, still, as I stated about Busy Box and Wifi Spoof in the second method – I’d like to give you more information on these two apps. Read below if you wish to know more about these two:

Busy Box

One common thing after you root your phone is to install Busy Box. In this way, you’ll be able to run any applications that will need root privileges. In fact, Busy Box is a collection of command lines tools located in a single binary. You’ll have to run it on Android and also UNIX systems.

Most of Android apps need a root privilege if you don’t get them from Google apps. If you find yourself in such case, then you just have to use BusyBox.

So, you can say that you don’t need Busy Box to have your phone rooted but it helps you take better advantage of the rooting. Indeed, having BusyBox on your smartphone will not be a problem. But be alert, at times it can be a bit destructive and open to vulnerabilities as a stock shipping device.

Hope it’s bit clear to you now, and if that’s still not the case, you might need to spend some time in the Linux and shell environment – if you see above, I already notified that getting into Mac spoofing will require some good technical knowledge from your side and Busy Box is a thing that came to that method!

Wifi Spoof

Simply put, a great app that can help you get the MAC address you always wanted. What is nice about Wifi Spoof is that you can set custom rules for the networks you use more often. Also, you can randomize them to every 30 min.

You can also change your MAC address from anywhere you want. You can also avoid any severe restrictions from networks via it. Besides this, you will have protection while looking at the public WiFI. Lastly, you can simply mask your online identity from possible threats with Wifi Spoof.

WhatsApp Spy Conclusion

That’s all, I and done with explaining all about spying on a WhatsApp and it should not be a hard thing to achieve for you now. Nowadays, information is on our foot; we just have to apply it. So you have got the information you always wanted, just go and execute now!

Having said that, spying is not a very nice way of dealing with life. Hence, I would recommend it only if you are suspicious about something vital. Cases like, maybe you think someone is cheating on you, you want to keep an eye on your kids’ activities or your employees’ interaction with competitors over the company phone you own and vice versa. We should not have any desire to break friendships. Or enter into other individuals personal life, not at all I’d say!

However, be aware of all the steps we have talked about. And if anyone would ask me to recommend one very best method out of the two I covered in this article, I’d go with the SpyAdvice being the best way to spy because that’s way more secure and easy.

You don’t have to interact with the owner of the phone, and on top, you have access to many other things alongside the WhatsApp. In case of SpyAdvice, you’ll also have access to his browsing history, SMS, Facebook and many other apps and things from the phone.

You can purchase the app at the price of $69.99. The pricing is a bit high, yet you will have many things to take great advantages from. Also, you must know that the app is legal whereas is not recommended to use it for evil purposes.

On the other side, the Mac Spoof is the cheap way of operating. That is a bit tricky to use and if you are beginner you are going to feel like in Mission Impossible, yet nothing is impossible. In the end, all comes down to the preferences! If you can pay a few bucks and spying on someone’s WhatsApp is extremely important to you, you should only go with SpyAdvice as that’s way too easy and secure way to achieve the target here.

We hope this article provided you with all the information you were searching for. Did you try these methods? Let us know how they worked and give us a helpful feedback. Or even if you have any question or suggestion, please use the comment section available below to let us know about that. SpyAdvice wishes you the best on WhatsApp spying!