Top 10 WhatsApp Spy Apps

Top 10 WhatsApp Spy Apps – Best WhatsApp Spying Review

Today numbers of software have cemented their way into the technological world of WhatsApp spying because of excellent features possessed by those. These spying tools are not only advanced but are providing the tactful way of monitoring activities of other people. Today lots of circumstances have forced people to get depended on such tools and spy on activities of their targets. Children getting trapped in the cyber bullies traps easily, partners getting cheated and organization secrets are revealed by disloyal employees has made one to use spying tools forcefully. In this article, you will see the top 10 WhatsApp spy tool that will help you to reveal the secrets hassle-free.

Top 10 WhatsApp Spy Apps - Best WhatsApp Spying Review

Top 10 WhatsApp Spy Apps – Best WhatsApp Spying Review

Whatsapp is a well known and widely used app for communication purpose. Today this app has got greater popularity among its users and is one of the mostly used apps. On one hand where the app is providing unlimited assistance towards the global connectivity with the help of internet connections, also limitations are carried by it. So here are few apps that can easily help one to discover complete WhatsApp activities and overcome the limitations or issues if in case it is troubling dearest one or you.

Top 10 WhatsApp spy tools

#1 SpyAdvice

#1 SpyAdvice

#1 SpyAdvice

Listed on the 1st position, SpyAdvice is having massive support to all the greater problems. It is not only a way of handling the WhatsApp account completely but is the perfect situation in the world of phone spying. With the access of this tool, you can easily undergo spying text messages, multimedia files, calls and all activities that take place on WhatsApp. It is supported by iPhone and Android and possesses a greater deal of spying in affordable rates.

Download SpyAdvice for spying WhatsApp at:

Features of WhatsApp spying tool

There are many good features are offered when one uses the best WhatsApp spy tool. Those features are doubtlessly incredible and allow you to have complete Smartphone spying experience like a professional. Get the app and enjoy doing spying using various features provided like-

  • Text messages spy
  • Call logs spy
  • GPS Location tracking
  • Ambient voice listening
  • Multimedia files viewing
  • Internet history spying
  • 100% untraceable
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • User-friendly
  • Social media sites spying like facebook, Instagram
  • IM apps spying like WhatsApp, Skype

#2 TheTruthSpy

#2 TheTruthSpy

#2 TheTruthSpy


It is the leading app that is listed on 2nd position is allowing one to undergo full monitoring of the Smartphone regardless of iOS or Android. Because of user-friendly control, the app is liked by all and its functions is interesting and checking the live feed on WhatsApp with text is easier. A user can spy on SMS, call logs, phonebook, photos stored, etc activities of the phone.

#3 FoneTracker

#3 FoneTracker

#3 FoneTracker


At 3rd position listed FoneTracker is the best way of WhatsApp spying, this application help one to have a complete observation of the activities done by the target on the Smartphone. A user can locate the real-time periodic location along with keeping the complete detailed record of online activities. It not only hack WhatsApp conversation but helps in enhancing the device security of your through GPS tracking and data encryption feature if in case lost or stolen.

#4 FreePhoneSpy

Along with adapting the latest technological reforms, this tool has come with the unbelievable feature that is calls interception. While doing the recording of the text messages of WhatsApp, a user can simultaneously keep full track on calls and listen to those as well. Features like a keylogger, tracking SMS, GPS location, etc are making a good choice for spying.

#5 XySpy

With one-time subscription and payment this spying can be of yours for a lifetime. It is not only a masterstroke player but also a credible tool in spying world. It keeps one far away from all sorts of problems particularly jailbreaking/rooting and makes spying tasks a lot easier. It updates all the details of activities conducted on phone on the wizard online dashboard and maintains the record of activities in a proper way.

#6 Spyera

This application is having two-versions that are making it fully budget friendly. The standards and pro version of the app is suitable for iPhone and Android device and helps one in maintaining the complete record of the whole WhatsApp activities. To spy cheaper you can choose the standard version and to get access on all features you can get the pro version that definitely will be the best alternative for you.

#7 MobiStealth

This is listed on the 7th position and name itself shows that it is the good quality tool and it functions on stealth mode. It provides you the facility of being 100% secure. The reliability of this spy tool is on peak and not even 1% chance is there of getting caught. All the activities are traced in real time and are uploading on the online dashboard of the spying tool with complete information like date, time as well as transmissions location.

#8 Spymaster Pro

This Smartphone spying tool aims at detecting the actions of target person like your kids, partner or employee addition to tracking their all passwords. It easily helps you in detecting the WhatsApp activities including keylogger that is making the task smarter. Here a hacker will get the application synchronized details, email accounts and passwords with the numeric password or general pattern for unlocking the mobile.

#9 Mobile spy

Listed on the 9th position this tracking tool is carrying awesome ways of spying on others and this tool is having the best feature that helps the user in detecting the details completely. If in case find any deletes of the WhatsApp conversation, with the help of this spying tool you will get the greater opportunity to read the entire conversation that had taken place. Those will be uploaded on the control panel of the wizard. The detailed chat will be available to the user like date, time, location and contact details and most important the texts.

#10 SpyBubble

The last spying tool that is listed among the top 10 is SpyBubble that is mastering in the spying the mobile phones and is a trustworthy solution for us to have and use. It easily records and displays all real-time ambient voices and allows you to listen to those in good quality. It keeps you hidden and tracks entire Smartphone activities without any issues. Hacker can easily read out the text, listen to the calls made or received, trace the passwords and can easily manage the usage of the data and phone book.


So, these were the top ranking spy tool that is used widely by the hackers for WhatsApp hacking. Those are really reliable, trustworthy and affordable to use.  You can choose any one of from the above listed top 10 spy tools as per your wish. The best thing about those spy tools is that they are carrying 24×7 hours customer support team that will surely assist you in case of trouble. While you can easily use those to get the best possible result that you actually have expected from those tools.

If you want the excellent spying experience you can use SpyAdvice as nothing can be much better than choosing this option for you.  Visit the homesite of SpyAdvice app using its URL address ( and get it download and installed and spy on mobile activities completely of the target person whosoever her or she is.

Review: Top 10 WhatsApp Spy Apps

  • #1 SpyAdvice
  • #2 TheTruthSpy
  • #3 FoneTracker
  • #4 FreePhoneSpy
  • #5 XySpy
  • #6 Spyera
  • #7 MobiStealth
  • #8 Spymaster Pro
  • #9 Mobile spy
  • #10 SpyBubble


Top 10 WhatsApp Spy Apps – Best WhatsApp Spying Review

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